George Lucas’s student film THX1138 4EB is available, in full, on Youtube

Origins: Thom Andersen

Watch Out For Your Future

23m23s with Thom Anderson (“Site Unseen: L.A. on Film”)

Thom speaks from 10:23-33:46, then cedes the stage to co-panelists Allison Anders and Marc Wanamaker.

Thom Anderson went to USC with George Lucas

More of the apparently prolific Thom Andersen after the jump

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Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Courtesy of Battleship Pretension

Kehr’s Weekly Recap: Phantasm (1979)

A spotty little horror movie (1979), effective here and there through some appealing eccentricities. Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep) served as writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, showing a fair amount of raw ability and suggesting, at times, a disciplined Brian De Palma. The film was produced entirely in Oregon, and its regional peculiarities add some outside interest. 87 min.


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