“Peter, of the Graves”

Discovered this after googling a joke from this Parts: The Clonus Horror MST3K clip:

Jaded by Tom Swifties and elephant jokes, two reporters from the Detroit Free Press began improvising on an ancient and familiar journalistic theme. “How do you do,” said one, “I’m Brown, from the Sun.” Replied his colleague: “I’m Trotter, from the Globe.” By last week newspapers all over the U.S. were busy adding new “pressies” to an already interminable list. Samples: “I’m Rich, from the Advertiser.” “Sign, of the Times.” “Cash, from the Register.” “Jefferson, of the Constitution.” “Flat, from the Press.” “Weary, of the World.” “Feather, from the Eagle.” “Twinkle, from the Star.” “Left, at the Post.” “Glass, of the Mirror.” “Kane, of the Citizen.”

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