Kehr Capsule of the Week: Where Danger Lives (1950)

Where Danger Lives (1950) lobby card

Robert Mitchum as a young doctor who catches a heavy shot of l’amour fou for suicidal housewife Faith Domergue; before he knows it, her husband, Claude Rains, is wearing a cast-iron poker and they’re making a run for the Mexican border. Director John Farrow nicely hits the nightmarish, hallucinatory qualities in this standard film noir plot: Mitchum spends the last half of the film barreling down the dirt roads of southern California with a brain concussion, passing out periodically and waking up surrounded by some of the bleakest scenery America has to offer. Nothing special for the genre, but a solid, terse piece of work from a filmmaker elsewhere given to preachiness. With Maureen O’Sullivan; photographed by Nick Musuraca (1950).


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