Kehr’s Weekly Recap: Flaming Star (1960)

Flaming Star (1960)

Not the best Elvis Presley movie (which would probably be Jailhouse Rock) but very likely the best movie with Elvis Presley. He doesn’t sing much and he doesn’t act much, though he is an effectively muddled personality as a half-breed torn between loyalty to his mother’s tribe and his father’s band of white settlers. Don Siegel directed this 1960 western, with force and clarity if not a great deal of personal involvement. With Barbara Eden, Steve Forrest, Delores Del Rio, and John McIntire.

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

An early and untamed Elvis Presley (1957), playing a black-hearted ex-con who becomes a rock star by stabbing everyone in range in the back, including his manager (Judy Tyler) and his prison buddy (Mickey Shaughnessy). Elvis made a few better films (including Peter Tewksbury‘s The Trouble With Girls and Don Siegel‘s Flaming Star), but none that drew so well on the bad-boy side of his personality. Richard Thorpe directed, in that strange hybrid, black-and-white CinemaScope.


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